Research paper

Wyniki leczenia chorych z niedosłuchem przy użyciu zakotwiczonych w kości implantów BAHA

Jerzy Kuczkowski, Czesław Stankiewicz, Tomasz Przewoźny, Wojciech Sierszeń

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2011 (vol. 41), No 1:
Publication date: 2011-02-01
Language: pl


Aim of the study: The estimation of treatment results in patients with hearing loss using bone anchored hearing aids.

Materials and methods: The material includes 12 patients treated with bone anchored hearing aids in our department during the period between November 2008 and August 2010. All patients were primarily submitted to surgical fixation an implant to the temporal bone and secondly hearing processor was attached and fitted individually. Hearing gain was estimated according to speech audiometry results in free acoustic field in 3 different azimuths.

Conclusions: Bone anchored hearing aids ared well checked and safe method in the treatment of mixed and conductive hearing loss and single sided deafness. However, this aid is only a prosthesis unable to fully restore hearing. In our opinion the most important factor to achieve higher hearing gain is appropriate qualification of patients.