Research paper

Wpływ reklamy na zakup leków dostępnych bez recepty

Marzena Zarzeczna-Baran, Ewa Bandurska, Jolanta Pęgiel-Kamrat, Alicja Lewandowska

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2013 (vol. 43), No 1:
Publication date: 2013-02-01
Language: pl


The aim of the work is to answer the question, whether advertisements targeted to the public recipients have high efficiency and a noticeable impact on decisions made by clients of pharmacies in the purchase of OTC drugs (sold without prescription). This work is based on two studies, which were supposed to compare data about demand and supply on the OTC drugs market. Both, in the first and in the second study, a significant influence of marketing was noticed. Clients of pharmacies during voluntary and anonymous survey admitted that advertisement is a factor, from which they acquire knowledge and which influences on their decisions about choosing OTC drugs. More than half of respondents admitted that advertisement is the most important factor which is taken into consideration while choosing OTC drug. The second study helped to analyze data reported by pharmacies. The source of information was a survey about sale of OTC drugs carried out in 2007 in pharmacies in Gdansk and Starogard Gdanski. Drugs were combined in pairs in terms of active substance and the fact of being advertised or not. The outcomes were clear. Advertisement practices influence in significant way on sale (the amount and value) of OTC drugs.

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