Operacje bronchoplastyczne u chorych na rakowiaka oskrzela

Adam Sternau, Piotr Chwirot, Dariusz Tomaszewski, Witold Rzyman

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2006 (vol. 36), No 1:
Publication date: 2006-02-01
Language: pl


The aim of the study was evaluation of short and long-term results of bronchoplastic resections performed for bronchial carcinoid tumors (CT). Between 1988 and 2002, 15 patients underwent bronchoplastic resection for CT. Fourteen patients were symptomatic and in most instances the symptoms were: cough (14), recurrent infections (11), haemoptysis (5), dyspnoea (3), thoracic pain (2). One patient presented carcinoid syndrome. In one patient before bronchoplastic resection laser therapy was used as the first treatment in bronchial stenosis. The bronchoplasties were performed: 11 sleeve lobectomies, 2 sleeve segmentectomies and 2 sleeve bronchiectomies. There were 12 typical and 3 atypical carcinoids without nodal metastasis. No postoperative death was recorded. In 6 patients postoperative complications occurred. Three of them had space problems requiring redrainage, 2 prolongated air leak, 2 pneumonia, 2 sputum retention and 1 atrial fibrillation. No major complications occurred after bronchoplasties. No recurrence or stenosis at the sites of bronchoplasty have so far been recorded. In the follow-up period (12 months after the operation) one patient with atypical histology died due to lung and pleural dissemination. Overall 10 year survival in the presented group was 92.9%. Anatomical lung resections with bronchoplasty for bronchial carcinoid are safe with low morbidity and excellent long-term results. Surgeon’s experience and appropriate bronchoplastic operation technique allow to minimize the number of postoperative complications.

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