Wpływ niektórych zabiegów higienicznych na powstawanie prądów galwanicznych w ogniwie złożonym z amalgamatu konwencjonalnego i korony złotej. Badania in vitro

Agata Żółtowska, Michał Penkowski, Barbara Kochańska

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2006 (vol. 36), No 1:
Publication date: 2006-02-01
Language: pl


Some people have both amalgam fillings and gold crowns in their mouth. Amalgam is a filling material which is very strong and can remain in the oral cavity many years. Bridges and crowns are made of gold. The hygienic procedures and used preparations have effect on filings as well as gold.

The aim of this study was to estimate the influence of some hygienic procedures on a galvanic cell including an amalgam filing and a gold crown. Artificial saliva imitating natural conditions was used as electrolyte.

The lowest values of current density were noted when measurements were carried out on electrodes which were earlier dipped in artificial saliva for 12 hours. The greatest value of initial current density was noted after brushing the samples for 2 minutes without using any dental paste. The longest high level of current density was noted after brushing the samples with Elmex paste.

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