Rekonstrukcja ściany klatki piersiowej po usunięciu pierwotnych jej guzów

Eugeniusz Jadczuk, Mariusz Łapiński, Tomasz Marjański

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2007 (vol. 37), No 1:
Publication date: 2007-02-01
Language: pl


Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate effectiveness of chest wall reconstruction following resection of primary tumors and to assess our approach to the treatment.

Material: From February 1990 to November 2003, 55 patients 29 men (52.7%) and 26 women (47.3%) underwent resection and reconstruction of the chest wall. Median age was 39,3 years (range from 17 to 76 years). Stability of the chest wall was obtained by approaching ribs stumps to each other by vicryl sutures. Bigger defects were reconstructed additionally with stilon mesh.

Results: Tumours was originated from ribs and sternum in 42 (76.4%) patients and from soft tissue of the chest wall in 13 (23.6%) patients. The tumors were detected by palpation in 37 (67.3%) cases. Tumors were associated by chest pain in 40 (72.7%) patients. In 20 (36.4%) cases the tumor was malignant and in 35 (63.6%) benign.

In 51 (92.7%) cases chest wall resection included ribs and sternum. There were complications -seromas occurred in one patient. Local recurrences developed in 4 (7.2%) patients. There were no hospital deaths.

Conclusions: Approaching ribs stumps to each other by vicryl sutures and reconstruction of bigger defects by the stilon mesh can restore thoracic wall function. Chondroma and neurilemmoma tend to recur and to malignancy.

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