Poziom sprawności fizycznej studentów kierunku fizjoterapii Akademii Medycznej w Gdańsku a ich opinia wobec różnych form aktywności ruchowej

Bożena Kochanowicz

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2007 (vol. 37), No 1:
Publication date: 2007-02-01
Language: pl


This work describes the analysis of physical fitness and expectations of the first year students of physiotherapy from the Medical University of Gdańsk regarding various forms of physical activity included in the obligatory study program.

The research included 82 students (61 female, 21 male; aged 19–22). It was conducted in academic years of 2004/05 and 2005/06.

To evaluate physical fitness selected tests were taken out of International Physical Fitness Test (IPFT). They were carried out twice during the academic year (October, May).

Physical fitness level was measured using: flexibility test (trunk bend); abdominal muscles endurance test (sit-ups); arms and shoulders endurance test (shaft overhang and elevating); hand muscle strength test (dynamometer); running speed test and agility test (shuttle test 4×10).

Students opinions and their expectations regarding physical classes included in the obligatory study program were measured with a diagnostic sounding.

Statistical analysis of physical fitness test results in students after second the stage of the research showed advancement of average results in a considerable number of physical tests both in female and male students.

The obtained test results sugest that physiotherapy students already in on the first stage of education consciously, participate in physical fitness classes and various forms of physical activity included in the obligatory study program.

The maintenance and improvement of students’ physical fitness level were also influenced by their considerably large involvement and participation in various types of physical classes outside the university.

Out of the questionnaires results it is known that 43% of all researched students participate in well organized recreation – sport activities such as: swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, sport aerobics, athletics. And 40% actively spend their free time on: morning gymnastic, cycling, mountain trips, skiing and others. The students in their opinion stress that the most important aims of physical fitness education and various forms of activity are: enhancing the level of physical fitness and forming motor skills as factors necessary in the preparation process for the physiotherapist role.

They also think that active participation in various sport disciplines or recreation activities both at the university and out side, will give an opportunity to complete experiences and enlarge knowledge on physical culture, the elements of which take central place in the arsenal of rehabilitation measures.

In the students’ opinion constant care about their own physical fitness and physical activity is the element conditioing good health and effective professional activity.

Adres: mgr Bożena Kochanowicz
Zakład Fizjoterapii, Katedra Rehabilitacji AMG
e-mail: fizjoterapia@gumed.edu.pl