Ilościowe badanie czucia wibracji i temperatury – ocena powtarzalności metody

Sebastian Szczyrba, Leszek Bieniaszewski

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2007 (vol. 37), No 1:
Publication date: 2007-02-01
Language: pl


Background. Function of peripheral nerves is reflected in vibration and temperature perception. Quantitative sensory testing is an objective method which provides new possibilities in assessing neuropathy progression, both in clinical trials and general population. However, for the proper data interpretation, the knowledge of short- and long-term variability is essential.

The aim of present work was to assess short- and longterm reproducibility of results of quantitative vibration and temperature sensation testing as a measure of usefulness of this method in studies dealing with neuropathy progression.

Material and methods. We performed a quantitative vibration and temperature sensation test in 22 individuals (14 females, 8 males; mean age 26.7 ± 4.1 years) three times using Vibratron II and NTE-2 Thermal Sensitivity Tester (Physitemp, USA). Quantitative measures as well as functional state of the nerves, derived from them, were assessed.

Results. Performed study confirmed high reproducibility of results of vibration and temperature sensation tests, achieved with use of Physitemp devices, both for quantitative measures and functional state of the nerves. Sensitivity of hallux to vibration and thermal stimuli was significantly lower comparing to index finger.

Conclusions. Quantitative vibration and temperature sensation testing assessed with use of Vibratron II and NTE-2 Thermal Sensitivity Tester (Physitemp, USA) is a reproducible method for evaluation of neuropathic complications in peripheral nervous system.

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