Research paper

Guzy oczodołu operowane z dojść czaszkowo-oczodołowych – wyniki leczenia 38 pacjentów

Paweł Słoniewski, Jarosław Dzierżanowski, Paweł Lipowski, Tomasz Szmuda, Piotr Czapiewski

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2010 (vol. 40), No 1:
Publication date: 2010-02-01
Language: pl


Intraorbital tumours are the wide variety of pathologies lesions (tumours arising from bone, neural structures, tumours of mesenchymal origin, lesions of vascular origin, metastatic, dermoid and epidermoid tumours) often have the same clinical presentation. It results from the location of plenty of the anatomical neurovascular structures in the limited space. Although the significant percentage of these tumours are treated by the ophthalmologists, part of them (specially large, deeply located, with intracranial fraction) are treated by neurosurgeons.

The precise preoperative radiological analysis (location, size, anatomical relation and histological suspicion) and intraoperative navigation system allow to plan the successful surgical treatment. Multidisciplinary surgical team is the key to achieve good results (neurological and cosmetics effect) in the treatment of tumours.