Research paper

Wyniki leczenia 64 chorych z nerwobólem nerwu trójdzielnego metodą przezskórnej termoablacji zwoju Gassera

Jarosław Dzierżanowski, Paweł Słoniewski, Robert Jeliński, Tomasz Szmuda

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2010 (vol. 40), No 1:
Publication date: 2010-02-01
Language: pl


The etiology of trigeminal neuralgia is heterogeneous and the pathomechanism has not been established yet. Along with the development of the medicin, innovative techniques are being discovered and they are an alternative or complementary method to the pharmacological treatment. The percutaneous thermal electrocoagulation of Gasserian ganglion is one of these techniques. It is an effective and quite safe method especially for the old and seriously ill patients. Repeatability, low costs of procedure and hospitalisation are additional assets in comparison with microvascular decompression.