Research paper

Wpływ hematokrytu na stopień i kinetykę agregacji erytrocytów ludzkich. Badania metodą spektroskopii dielektrycznej

Witold Jaroszyński, Bartłomiej Kwiatkowski, Piotr Boguś

Ann. Acad. Med. Gedan. 2010 (vol. 40), No 1:
Publication date: 2010-02-01
Language: pl


The paper presents results of the study on the influence of hematocrit on the rate and kinetics of human erythrocytes aggregation with the use of dielectric spectroscopy. The dependence of relative electrical permittivity εL on time, while aggregates were created after starting disintegration (generated by a blood flow), was used in the study on kinetics of erythrocyte aggregation. The experimental results were approximated by Irimajiri equation which describes dependence of εL on time. The values of relaxation times τ1 i τ2 of different hematocrit blood samples were obtained. They characterize two erythrocyte aggregation phases: simple (rouleaux formation) and creation of net forms (3-D network). It was demonstrated that the values of relaxation times τ1 i τ2 decrease in a nonlinear way with hematocrit increase. Additionally it was
found that together with hematocrit increase aggregation erythrocyte rate decreases in a nonlinear way.